I started to have hope. Hope that you were realizing your prince charming was princess sarcasm. But when that hope died, my heart broke.
— Amy to Karma

Amy Raudenfeld is one of the female protagonists on MTV's Faking It. She is the best friend and fake ex-girlfriend of Karma Ashcroft. She is a sophomore at Hester High School. She is portrayed by Rita Volk.


Amy is thoughtful, loving and quirky. She loves horror films and hates twilight. Fiercely loyal yet sarcastic and quick witted. Hates fashion and dressing up yet proudly displays winning 2nd place in a pageant. Loves photography and is seeking to follow her fathers foot steps in that area.

Physical Appearance

Amy is 5' 5" has blonde hair and olive green eyes. She wears a 32c bra.


Season One


We first meet Amy as she answers her phone and listens as Karma goes over the crazy plan. At school we can see she still isn't on board with it and it amused when the plan fails. When Lauren comes up to her and Karma she says she better not piss her off and continues a back and forth argument with the girl until Liam and Shane come. She introduces herself to them, accepts Shane's party invite and then goes to spot Karma.

At the party she along with Karma is shocked at how much different everyone is here compared to at school. As she sits outside, Shane comes up to her. He says she and Karma are gay and she denies it and eventually gets up and leaves Shane alone. She finds Karma talking to Liam and drags her away and says they should go home. Just as she does Shane announces that they are gay, and says they will make them Homecoming queens to which she say tells Karma they shouldn't have come.

At the bus stop she says it is stupid that  everyone thinks they are lesbians when she doesn't even like looking at her own vagina. She says Karma must have hit her head when she says Liam flirted with her. At school she says Karma let her embarrass herself on national tv and she says not to make it all about yourself before Karma binds them to a photoshoot and kisses her check before running off. She sees Karma rubbing a girls stomach and after she leaves they discuss this lesbian things. She agrees to be the butch one. Later as it is time for the photoshoot she catches Karma kissing Liam.

In the locker room she tells Karma that listening to her say how great kissing Liam was is annoying. She says she doesn't want to continue the lie anymore and she better find a new girlfriend. She is sitting on the edge of a tall building as Karma comes to her. They discuss the ruse again and she agreees to go along with it once again. At the homecoming gathering to make it seem that they aren't faking it she grabs Karma and kisses her. After Karma leaves her she stands there with a shocked expression.

Homecoming Out

Fakings01 stills 007

Amy and Karma at the homecoming dance.

Amy realized that she liked the kiss more than she expected, and things got interesting. Lauren threatens to out Amy to her conservative mother as Hester High gets ready for their first ever same-sex Homecoming Dance. Amy is jealous of Karma and Liam. Karma tells Amy if things go good between her and Liam, they might have sex soon which doesn't thrill Amy. They lay on Amy's bed, discussing this. Farrah barges into the room, asking what are they doing to which the girls respond they're talking about the Homecoming and their dates, which are boys. This excites Farrah and she insists of taking a picture of Amy with her date before the dance. Amy asks Shane to pretend to be her date so that her mom won't find out that she's actually going to the dance with Karma but then Amy’s mother gets her big break to report the news instead of the weather by pitching the lesbian homecoming queens at Hester.

Despite Amy’s best efforts to sabotage her mom’s coverage of the dance, the local news shows up for the interview with her mom behind the mic. When she sees Karma in the homecoming tiara, she pulls Amy aside to talk about it. Amy apologizes, and her mom says not to: It doesn’t bother her. You can see the surprise and joy on Amy’s face; since she knows that coming out for real is a real possibility for her, she’s delighted to hear that her mom is more open-minded than she thought. But when Ms. Raudenfeld tacks a predictable “She’s not my daughter!” to the end of her approval, Amy’s joy turns to rage, and she takes a deep breath and comes out to her mom on TV leaving her mom shocked.

We Shall Overcompensate

Faking103 0019

Karmy sharing a kiss.

The episode starts with Karma and Amy sitting on a blanket just chatting about secret boyfriends and their fake romance when Karma steals a kiss, much to Amy’s delight. However, Karma takes a picture of the kiss and posts it showing that she didn't really want to kiss Amy, she just did it to keep up her popularity.

Later Karma tells Amy that she has been working on a song. She’s extremely shy about sharing her music and usually only lets Amy hear her songs but this time she still won't share it with anyone.

Meanwhile, Amy meets a somewhat nerdy boy named Oliver who she "doesn't want to stab his eyes with scissors" which is a big deal for her. They hang out in the security camera room for a while and realize they have a lot in common. They both hate protests, they both can’t wait for college and don’t feel like they fit in with kids their own age. Oliver admits to her that he has a crush on her even though she has a girlfriend. Amy wonders if she has feelings for Oliver too and they almost kiss but when Amy sees Karma performing on stage from one of the security cameras, she leaves.

At first, Amy is happy that Karma is performing her song because she usually is very shy about her music. The lyrics of the song are about love and when Karma makes eye contact with Amy, she thinks the song is about her. However, then Karma's eyes move away and onto Liam and Amy realizes that she's only singing the song for him. This angers Amy so she runs out of the room and finds Oliver. She kisses him passionately hoping to have a spark but when she breaks away she realizes she feels no attraction.

The last scene shows Shane showing up at Amy's house. He tells her he saw Liam and Karma flirting with each other at the protest and thinks Karma is cheating on her. Amy, however, breaks down and tells him that they're not really a couple, that they're faking it, but she doesn't know if she actually is anymore.

Know Thy Selfie

Amy is trying to deal with the feelings she has for Karma. She thinks logically if she likes Karma, then she must be a lesbian and like all women. With the help of Shane whom she had just recently told that her and Karma were faking it, Amy tries to figure out her sexuality.

First, Shane and Amy go to a lesbian bar that he calls "The Twain: gay bar by night, lesbian coffee shop by day." Amy tries to seduce many different women but comes off "too aggressive and over sexual".

She tells Shane that she didn't start having feelings for Karma until they kissed so she doesn't know if she feels attracted to any of the people there. They finally go back to Amy's house where they set up an online dating profile for Amy. Shane tells Amy how to dress and act and when she finally gets a match she goes on a date with a woman named Jasmine. The date goes pretty well but Amy still doesn't feel an attraction so she tries to kiss Jasmine mid-sentence. Jasmine is taken back and Amy apologizes and explains her situation. Then Jasmine reveals that she too was in love with her best friend but when she finally told her how she felt, her best friend didn't feel the same way back.

When Amy gets back from her date, she talks to Shane and tells him she doesn't want to meet another girl or boy. Shane says she is a "Karmasexual".

Remember the Croquembouche

After catching up and reconciling, both Karma and Amy are friends again. Karma in fact bursts in Amy’s room with a bag full of ice cream and movies and an idea, which is to have a girls weekend. The word “lesbians” or “Liam” wouldn't be mentioned; Karma even turns off her phone. There’s a slight problem with their plan because this weekend is also the bridal shower of Amy's mom, Farrah.

As Amy heads down to the kitchen, she notices Farrah and Lauren making last minute bridal shower arrangements. While Amy has been busy with Karma, Lauren has been organizing the whole event. She even ordered a croquembouche, the hottest new dessert that all the celebrities are having for their bridal showers. Amy feels bad she didn’t help with any of the planning, so her mom suggests that the next day Amy and Karma keep Lauren company while she drives to Dallas to pick up the croquembouche. Neither girl is happy, but Farrah says, “I’m the bride,” so the girls must do as told.

The next day an annoyed Lauren drives Karma and Amy down to Dallas but she gets in a fight with Lauren in the way. Karma tries to make them play 20 questions to break the tension. Finally when they arrive at the bakery it appears to be closed, and Lauren screams while Karma and Amy exchange smiles and try not to burst out in laughter. But the laughter ceases when in her freak out mode, Lauren mentions that she’s the maid of honor for Farrah's wedding and not Amy. This makes Amy have a sad look on her face. Then the girls manage to get into the bakery and made it back in time for the bridal shower, croquembouche in hand. Of course, Lauren receives all the credit for the work, which makes Amy jealous.

When the girls get back to the house, the shower is in full swing. Lauren and Farrah have been bonding a lot lately. Lauren and Farrah went to Amy’s favorite restaurant without her and overall seem to have a better relationship then Amy will ever have with her. Amy can finally no longer take it and yells out to the crowd that this is all an act on Lauren’s part and that she’s just using Farrah to get to her. To get back at Lauren, Amy destroys the croquembouche by taking a piece from the bottom and causing the whole thing to topple over. This starts a food fight between Lauren and Amy and eventually the guests. After it's over Lauren storms to her room. Upon doing so, she lets Amy in on a secret. Lauren actually likes Farrah; she’s the only best friend she has here. Amy heads to her room to see Karma waiting for her. The two talk about what just happened, and Amy apologizes to Karma for the flubbed “girl’s weekend”. Karma doesn’t mind one bit. “I always have fun with you,” she says. She then goes into detail about how their lives could be in the future with their friendship still intact, never forgetting about that stupid croquembouche. Later Amy, even though she would rather not, lets Karma spill on all things Liam.

Three to Tango

Since Karma told Liam that they could have a threesome with Amy, Karma tells Amy about her “three way” idea. Amy immediately shoots her down. There’s no way she’s having a threesome, she explains. At school, Shane tells Amy she should go along with it. After all, Karma wouldn’t suggest the idea if she didn’t feel something for Amy. He sees it as an opportunity for Amy to figure out her feelings for Karma once and for all. As Shane leaves for a yoga session, Karma arrives and Amy accepts the threesome proposition.

Amy and Karma meet up with Liam to set up their threesome. Turns out, Liam didn’t think the girls would go through with it. They reassure him that lesbians always keep their word. They decide to meet Saturday and Amy tells Liam to bring condoms.

Later, Karma and Amy go lingerie shopping. Well Karma is, Amy is just there for her opinion. Karma unveils her garment of choice and needless to say Amy’s mouth drops at the sight. Karma takes this as worry, but Amy reassures her she’s not backing out unless Karma is. The two decide that a run-through is much needed.

Karma and Amy suit up into Amy’s Mom’s trench coats. Prior to Karma walking in, Amy leaves Shane an urgent voicemail about Karma not leaving the signals she thought. As soon as Karma enters, it’s time to get serious. Opposite from one another, they practice taking their coats off. Karma notices Amy’s wearing a wife beater and shorts. “I was trying to be authentic,” she states. After Amy’s taken off Karma’s coat, the two begin to slowly lean into one another. Just when Amy thinks they’ll kiss, Karma ruins it by placing her hand on top of her mouth. Practice is over. Karma can barely contain her excitement for the “losing of her V-Card. Then she says, "I wish you could be there.” Confused, Amy states that she will. That’s when Karma reveals her true intentions. All along Karma wanted Amy to make up an excuse to leave before anything got too hot and heavy, leaving Karma and Liam alone. A little later, with Karma gone, Amy tries to call Shane again. Voicemail. She rants about Karma and what the threesome is turning out to be. While she’s seeking his advice, she figures out the solution all on her own; she has to make Karma want her to stay.

Fak106 0649

The threesome is finally happening. All three members are awkwardly sitting on the motel bed with Karma and Amy wearing their trench coats. Amy breaks the awkwardness by saying, “Is this a staring contest or a threesome?” She confidently stands up and takes off her trench coat to reveal ridiculously sexy lingerie. Needless to say both Karma and Liam are flabbergasted. Still in control, Amy begins to take off Karma’s trench coat all while telling her to relax. The two kiss and repeat the same lines as their first kiss in the Pilot: “Woah.” “I know.” But this time, both girls seem to have gotten something out of that kiss. Unfortunately, Liam takes the advice Tommy gave him earlier about kissing the girl you find least attractive first, and begins to kiss Amy. Karma, with tears in her eyes, can’t partake in this and instantly leaves. We’re all left wondering who she was jealous of, Amy or Liam?

Faking Up Is Hard to Do

The episode opens up with Amy is trying to figure out why Karma ran out of their threesome, but Karma refuses to talk about it. She just says that the whole thing was a bad idea and it got out of hand. Karma says that her and Amy should now end their fake relationship. Amy nods and smiles as she always does with Karma’s plan, but at the first opportunity, she runs to Shane for advice. He thinks that Karma is confused after their kiss and is freaking out because she may have real feelings for their fake relationship. When Amy lays out what had happened to Shane, he thinks Karma may have just been jealous and bolted.

Later, when the lunch lady asks Amy where Karma is, she says that she is just focusing on her studies. The lunch lady knows this means they are break up and spreads the news. Soon the whole school knows about Amy and Karma's breakup.

Karma informs Amy that they are going to sit down with the school's Tumblr and tell their tragic tale of love lost. Amy nods and smiles, like always. Someday she’s going to go to college, take a Psych 101 class, and journal the heck out of this relationship and realize how janked up it really was and how she enabled it and then never talk to Karma again except for an awkward run-in over the punch bowl at the ten-year reunion. Turns out Amy and Karma’s break-up interview with the school’s Tumblr tanks under the overwhelming pressure of a single question about their threesome.

When Karma sees a photo of Amy and Liam seemingly holding each other, in reality they were trying to get past each other in the hallway, Karma tells the school’s Tumblr’s reporter that she and Amy broke up because of Amy’s sex addiction. When she tells Amy what she said, Amy realizes that Karma is a total narcissist and that everything she put her through was just to try and get with Liam.

The reporter announces that they are breaking up, for real. It lasted for about five minutes, and then Karma took over the school’s video broadcast system and — with full faculty approval — apologizes for inviting Liam into a threesome and hurting everyone involved, including Amy, who is the most important person in the world to her. That’s good enough for Amy, who runs to the library and has a big on-camera make up with Karma. Once Karma and Amy have made up as BFFs, Karma admits that she let their fake relationship get out of control and promises to spend the rest of her life making it up to Amy. She also thinks they should break up their fake relationship in a few weeks when everything blows over. Amy has to go along with it because she still hasn’t told Karma about her real feelings.

Burnt Toast

Amy and Karma are in Amy's room, and Amy is reading out off some cards what her speech to the wedding guests is going to be. Karma listens while putting a flower in Amy's hair. When Amy finishes reading the card Karma says do you want my super supportive opinion or tough love opinion hinting that the speech was not that good. Karma then reassures her to speak from her heart. Amy says, "What if my heart says something really stupid that it can never take back." Karma says, "That won't happen," and then Farrah comes in. Amy and her mom start talking by the door and then further back in the room Karma gets a text of Liam. When Amy asks who was on the phone, Karma lies and says it was her mom. 

Then, the wedding starts to take place. Bruce and Amy's mom dancing while Karma, Amy and Amy's grandma are sitting on chairs watching. Amy's grandma asks for her flask back as she won't get through the ceremony unless she is drunk, Amy nods at Karma who gives the flask back. Karma looks back and shocked to see Liam. He pulls her to one side and they start kissing as Karma says he is not supposed to be here. When Straight Up by Paula Abdul plays, Karma says to Liam this is our song, he looks confused and she says it is her and Amy's song. Karma and Amy approach each other and start a dance routine, as the rest of the guests watch on smiling. Amy and Karma giggle and fall to the floor to the embarassment of Farrah, who sternly asks if she can have a word with Amy. The next scene is Farrah and Bruce eating the cake. Amy reveals to Karma that her mom grounded her for 2 weeks. Karma discorages Amy from getting revenge on her mom and Amy responds by saying that Karma knows her better than she knows herself.

Amy says her speech of the cards but it is not impressive, but then when she sees Karma smiling at her she ditches the cards and takes the advice to speak from the heart. She talks about loving a best friend and Karma realizes Amy has feeling for her, but Amy stops smiling when she sees Liam crawl out from under the table. 

The next scene is Amy and Karma in Amy's room. Amy asks why Karma didn't tell her about Liam, and Karma says it is because Amy snaps every time she mentions Liam's name. Karma then says she thinks she knows why Amy acts like that and then asks Amy if she has feeling for her. Amy denies it, but Karma knows she is lying and Amy reveals she has had feelings since the homecoming assembly. Karma asks why Amy didn't tell her and Amy says she was afraid of losing her. Karma says that Amy is confused but Amy says she isn't and that she thinks Karma feels the same. Amy confesses that she loves Karma, but Karma says she doesn't love Amy like that. Karma then says she slept with Liam and Amy looks destroyed and barges out. Lauren is listening in and is visably shocked. Then you see Amy drinking and Lauren joins her at the table. Lauren and Amy have a heart to heart and they console each other.

Amy is refused a drink at the wedding reception and then she sees Liam, their eyes meet as they are both drunk and upset. The end scene is Amy and Liam having sex.

Season 2

The Morning Aftermath

The season premiere starts off with a startled Amy waking up to Liam in her bed. Karma bursts into the room to make amends with her best friend. Liam immediately tries to make an escape, only to be seen by Amy’s mother Farrah, whose first thought is how happy she is to see a boy sneak out of Amy’s room. This sequence of events was executed perfectly, from the moment Amy wakes up to the moment her mother rejoices on her way out of the house. Amy’s mother is about as conservative as it gets and doesn’t even call Liam out on climbing down naked from Amy’s room; she’s just ecstatic that Amy isn’t a lesbian.

After her night with Liam, Amy goes to buy Plan B as soon as she gets the chance, only to run into Karma, who was following her. Karma doesn’t seem to suspect a thing and accepts Amy’s excuse that the medicine is for her mom.

Liam wants to tell Karma the truth because secrets are bad, but Amy tells him not to because she is not letting him take away her best friend. Karma tries desperately to win her friend back and, with her mother's advice, even serenades her on her front lawn. She’s a little surprised to see Liam with Amy, but there’s no time for her to consider the implications because Amy’s mom comes home to the bondage scene. But she’s totally cool with it as long as Amy’s sleeping with guys not girls.

Finally, Amy tells Karma that all these big romantic gestures are actually breaking her heart because Karma doesn’t love Amy the way she wants her too.

At the end of the episode where they even decide to officially make up. But it is too soon; they haven’t taken enough time to process what it means that Amy has romantic feelings for Karma. It is highly doubtful that Amy and Karma will end their friendship because of Amy’s betrayal, but it may lead to their most serious fight yet.

You Can't Handle The Truth or Dare

The episode starts with Shane and Amy talking about the girls' night with Karma. Shane says it's a bad idea and it'll be really awkward. Amy doesn't care, she's just glad she told Karma how she feels and she didn't lose her best friend, which is her biggest fear. Later Liam comes up and Amy awkwardly walks away.

Fi202 0843

Karma and Amy about to kiss.

Amy and Karma plan a girls’ night in order to act “normal” again. Unfortunately, girls’ night is doomed from the start. The first red flag is Karma trying a little too hard to act “normal” by freely taking off her shirt in front of Amy. Amy panics, and promptly invites Lauren to join them, another bad sign. When Lauren realizes that the sole purpose of her inclusion in girls’ night is to act as a third wheel, she takes it upon herself to make the night as uncomfortable as possible.

She invites her two loyal followers to show up in matching “Karmy” shirts, and then decides to start a game of Truth or Dare. The game soon takes a turn for the worst when Lauren dares Amy and Karma to kiss and they fire back questions about Lauren being intersex. Amy goes to her room and Karma follows her. They know things won't be normal, but are willing to keep trying.

Amy and Lauren go to a separate room and Amy tells Lauren she should tell her friends her secret. She does, and Amy is really proud of her.

Lust in Translation

Amy and Karma decided to go out to the public about how they are no longer a lesbian couple. However before they could execute their plans the Brazilians showed up igniting a party-style ruckus at the school. Karma came up with a plan to get Amy to fall in love with one of the Brazilian girls, however Amy had her eyes set on a male exchange student. Karma helped Amy pretty herself up for the two students, and she admitted that she was surprised that Amy was interested in a guy in general.

Fi203 1132

Amy kissing Fabianna.

At the carnival, the male student got sent to the hospital and the girl didn't like Karma butting in between her and Amy. Amy told the girl student the truth about her feelings for Karma before they kissed. Amy promised Karma that she will move on but it might take awhile, but until then they will continue their wild friendship.

While Amy is clearly attracted to these two hotties, Karma seems to be having a hard time following her own plan. When Amy catches on, she calls Karma out on it, and fans watch as Karma becomes confused about Amy moving on. Amy seems increasingly comfortable with being a lesbian. What is clear is that his feelings for Karma does not seem to be changing.

Lying Kings and Drama Queens

In this episode, Amy immediately enters into stalker mode. Thanks to Amy fearing that Liam won’t keep his mouth shut about him and her sleeping together, she decides to crash his sister’s engagement party. Shane tells her Liam’s at home and that he doesn’t know where he lives. Amy pulls some strings and again, Shane cannot keep a secret and Amy goes straight to Liam’s house. This leads to her meeting the aforementioned waitress, Reagan, and then thoroughly embarrassing Liam by mentioning the Skwerkle protest his “parents” didn’t know about, and also that he slept with her best friend.

And while Amy thought she was just going to embarrass Liam and leave without consequences, but that does not happen. For, you see, Liam’s would be sister, Robin, we learn is actually his mom. A big time family secret which gets revealed at the worse time since, from what it seems, Liam’s grandparents had hopes that Robin’s fiancée could help the family business. Amy is the only one who knows this.

Present Tense

This episode, its Karma's sixteenth birthday, and Amy puts together a BFF birthday scavenger hunt. She faked sick to throw Karma off the surprise trail and planned a seek-and-find that took her through every memorable moment of their long and storied friendship. Things get off to a rough start when Amy catches Karma and Liam making sex eyes at each other and realizes that he dropped a secret birthday note in Karma’s locker. Even though Liam has promised to keep the Big Secret for Karma’s sake, Amy is still peeved.

She gave Karma the first clue, and it led to Karma’s room. The whole place was transformed into the ball pit that was very similar to the pit where they met back in kindergarten. The next clue was found in one of the balls, but Karma saw her note in Amy’s hand. She tried to get, it but she was unsuccessful. She told Amy that it was a note from Irma, the Lunch Lady.

They resumed the whole scavenger hut by painting unicorns and watching a PG-13 movie. The surprise wasn’t over yet because Karma’s Aunt Sage, a psychic, was there to read Karma’s tealeaves, just like when they were 13. Karma went on a bathroom break, but she only did this to get the note from Amy. However, Amy said she lost it, so they went looking for it.

Finally, Karma admitted to Amy that the note was actually from Liam, and they bickered until Karma exploded and told her that she knew she couldn’t be with Liam and at the same time be with her best friend. She chose Amy. To prove this, she tore Liam’s letter into pieces and stormed off.

The Ecstasy and the Agony

Karma has been raving about Liam to Amy. Amy has been very supportive, but it gets old, and she just wants to take a break from it, especially that she’s still in love with Karma. Liam and Karma have gone public with their relationship, and they’re really taking it to the next level, which led to Karma standing up Amy for their usual Friday movie night. Of course, Amy had no choice but to just let it go. Brooding, she decided to go with the Friday movie night at home alone until Lauren joined her.

Shane dropped by Amy’s place to drag her along to an underground party. Feeling sympathetic towards Lauren, Shane decided to invite her along as well. At first, she was hesitant, but they were actually surprised when she decided to come. At the party, Shane encouraged Amy to talk to the waiter who obviously has the hots for her, but Amy still wouldn’t budge. Finally Amy goes over. She is not used to talking to girls, and she’s extremely nervous. However, being that Amy is fully capable of putting herself out there, she does. Thus leading to her going to Reagan at the DJ booth, and asking for her number.

Date Expectations

Amy is getting very into her relationship with Reagan, but isn’t ready to introduce her to the friend group and ex-love Karma yet. So Shane manipulates Karma into ambushing Amy on her date with Reagan with the whole gang: Liam, Karma, Shane, Dave, Lauren, Amy and Reagan.

Karma kind of overreacted during the meal. Although, Reagan was not told a single thing about Karma’s existence, and, Amy didn’t tell Karma that she and Reagan were serious. So as much as it would be easy to consider Karma selfish and overreacting, some of the blame is to Amy for not telling either party the truth. Though when it comes to the big blow up, Lauren is to blame for telling Reagan that Karma was Amy’s ex. For with that reveal comes Reagan getting caught up on all that happens. Thus leading to Amy running after Reagan, and Karma following, and Amy having to fully establish boundaries between her and Karma. For with Amy wanting Reagan as her girlfriend, and Reagan not as willing to deal with drama like Liam, she has no choice.

Zen and the Art of Pageantry

Amy has never really had a good relationship with her mom, Farrah, she decides to enter a beauty pageant in order to prove she could not only compete, but win. Reagan sees the pageant as a chance for Amy to take down the patriarchy. However, once Amy’s mom talks about being proud of her, she finds it hard to go through with Reagan’s plans of saying “F--- this pageant and all it stands for!”

Fi208 0558

Amy during the pageant.

Amy decided to give it a try to please her mom, and she did pretty well. The two had an awesome conversation that patched things up between them. Amy’s mom admitted to her that she never thought that they could get any closer because of Amy’s disinterest in pageants and other stuff that her mom likes. However, she really appreciated what Amy did and was proud of her. Then out of nowhere, her mom says that Reagan seems like a great girl, and asks Amy to have her to family dinner so they can all get to know her.

Karmic Retribution

Karma now knows that Amy and Liam slept together after Amy’s mom’s wedding. It ended in a hug, not a punch or a slap. Karma decided to vilify Liam and still love Amy. It makes perfect sense — losing both of the people closest to her in one blow would be kind of insane.

At school, Principal Penelope decides to conduct a social experiment on campus as a misguided act of team building. Every student draws a card that determines his or her class and each class has different rights for the day. Amy is Karma’s Rain Dweller. Eventually, Amy has to assassinate Karma to stop her from spilling Liam’s Skorkle secret. This leads to Amy being murdered by the Fire Dancers, who have sworn to protect the Cloud Spinners.

As the basement fills up with Liam, Amy, and Karma and the truth comes out: Amy had wanted to hurt Karma too. Karma’s rationale for forgiving Amy and hating Liam had been that Liam was trying to hurt her and Amy was too vulnerable from her to say no. As soon as Amy admits that she wanted to hurt Karma too, Karma decides to hate them both.


Fi210 1053

Amy and Karma making up.

At the beginning of the episode, Theo arrests Karma, as well as her parents. Amy tries to stop, for she doesn't see why Karma has to go down because her parents sell pot brownies, but Theo doesn't listen. So, in order to be put in a cell with Karma, forcing her to talk, she punches Theo in the face. Thus leading to, eventually, Amy getting a chance to explain herself and repeat all we have already seen. Amy gets Karma to forgive her, mostly because, as everyone watching from the outside knows, what Amy did was obviously wrong, but she was in a very, very bad place the night that it happened. However, her apology does not lead to the point of putting the friendship necklace back on.

Amy then proceeds with her camping trip with Reagan. Unbeknownst to her, Karma later has a sex dream about her; Karma pictured that, while the couple was having sex in their tent, she replaced Reagan and kisses Amy before she herself is replaced by Liam who also kisses Amy as if they were together, reflecting her fear that Amy and Liam were toying with her.


  • Amy is the second LGBT character to be portrayed on the show, the first being Shane Harvey.
  • Amy and Karma have been friends for over a decade.
  • Amy first met Karma in kindergarden in a ball pit.
  • She's allergic to peanuts.
  • She loves donuts and owns a donut shirt.
  • She hates Twilight.
  • She lost her virginity to Liam.
  • Amy pretended to be a couple with Karma.
  • It is very likely that she is bisexual, due to her actions and love interests in the show, as well as quotes where she mentions her sexuality. However she prefers her sexuality to not be labelled. 


Meet Amy Faking It Season 1 MTV

Meet Amy Faking It Season 1 MTV